Moving made easy…even at age 90!

A lovely couple in their early 90’s contacted me in September, about selling their house and moving into a senior community. They were both blessed with good health, but were finding it difficult to keep up with the house and yard. They were also finding themselves more and more isolated and wanted to meet new friends. The husband was in no hurry to move, but his wife was past ready! They had a very specific list of requirements, including an area for their two dogs, and a garage for his “baby” a classic BMW that he kept in immaculate condition. Finding a community that accepts dogs is easy, but the garage was a bit of a challenge. We visited two communities that they liked, but struck gold on the third community. It was a PERFECT match with a two car garage! The wife was delighted and ready to move in, but the husband became overwhelmed about all that needed to be done to sell their house and move.


Moving is stressful at any age, imagine if you are in your 90’s! No worries…I knew who to shutterstock_1065757589call, my friend and realtor extraordinaire, Tricia Spurrier with The Spurrier Group. Tricia has spent her career working with seniors and I knew that she would have the patience to hold their hand through this process. She answered all of their questions and put together a step by step plan to sell their home and ease their transition to their new senior community. I’m so excited for this couple, and I know they will love their retirement lifestyle. Searching for senior housing on your own is overwhelming and confusing. To ensure that you find a community that checks off everything on your list, it’s best to contact an expert. My service guides you through the seniorhousing maze to help you find the perfect community…and I can connect you with resources to help make your transition a piece of cake!



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  1. Seniors and people with disabilities relocate. Whether it is a move to a smaller residence, this will help them to change their environment, some time senior get bored when they are living in a contested area or house.

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