Health Risks for Lonely Seniors

Did you know that social isolation and loneliness in seniors pose health risks, such as cognitive decline, depression and heart disease?

Senior Living Communities encourage seniors to break free of isolation by offering opportunities to…

  • Engage with others (games, outings, dining, movie nights, Bible study, entertainment, Happy Hours)
  • Get moving (walking clubs, group exercise – modified seated for disabled seniors)
  • Transportation (group trips to the grocery, individual trips to the doctor)

There are 100’s of choices when it comes to senior living. Our goal is to match you to the community that best fits your wants, needs, location and budget.

For example: Your mom wants a 1 bedroom apartment, with a patio, 3 meals/day, a garden and pet friendly in Dallas. We provide you with a list of communities that meet YOUR criteria. How easy is that?!

We are here to guide you through the maze of senior housing options. Call TODAY! Lori 214-783-1222


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