Grandma’s Gone Kayaking?! “Old Age” Redefined

Gail Peacock, Glenda Lansford, Lori Williams

On our Podcast/YouTube show, “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Senior Living”, Gail Peacock and I have been focusing on today’s seniors and how they are redefining what “old age” looks like.

My grandparents seemed old, when they were in their 60’s, but seniors today in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond are enjoying active, vibrant lives. Of course, we have better health care, nutrition and exercise to thank, but there has also been a shift in mindset. Many of today’s seniors are rejecting the idea of spending their days in a rocking chair and choosing to travel, continue working, learn new skills, or even go kayaking!

Gail and I had the pleasure of interviewing Glenda Lansford, an incredible senior who exemplifies all of the above. Glenda lives in an Active 55+ Senior Living community, and one of the first things that she shared with us was that she wants to go kayaking. Yes, kayaking! It’s one of the activities offered by her community. In her 70’s, Glenda still works part-time, goes to water aerobics, social hours, out to dinner, etc. She is full of life and always on the go. The link to the full interview with Glenda is below. Be sure to watch it and see what “old age” redefined looks like.

I don’t know about you, but I hope to spend my senior years on the go, just like Glenda.

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