Role Reversal – Becoming Your Parent’s Caregiver

Caring for an aging parent is a challenging role reversal for both the adult child and their parents. It’s not easy to have conversations about finances, taking away the car keys, or making the decision to move from the family home in to senior housing.

When a parent has dementia or other medical issues, the adult children have to step into the role of caregiver—feeling much like they are now the parent. Your parents made sure you were safe, ate nutritious meals, took your medicine and practiced good hygiene…and now you are doing the same for them. This role reversal can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Know that you are not alone, and there are excellent support groups and senior care options available.

Need help finding support groups, in-home care, or senior housing/care options? Please call or message me. My services are always free to seniors and their families. 214-783-1222


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