I’m Confused? I have Questions. I NEED HELP!!!!

-Your dad has been diagnosed with Dementia, and he has started to wander. He cannot be left alone, but you work full-time and can’t stay home with him. What do you do?

-Your mom is living alone in her house, but she’s lonely and is not eating healthy meals. She has become very isolated and lonely. What senior living options are right for her?

-Your parents live out of state, but they want to move closer to you. Mom has slight dementia, but dad is healthy and helps cares for mom. What senior living options would be best for them?

-You are a senior, tired of taking care of your house and are ready to downsize. You still cook for yourself, and you would enjoy socializing with others. What type of community should you be looking for?

These are the questions I answer every day! Actually, these are real life stories from families I have recently helped find senior living communities. Most people do not know the difference between senior living types – Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Group Homes. Not to mention, amenities and prices vary significantly. It is CONFUSING!

I have 10+ years of experience serving seniors and their families in the DFW area. My goal is to educate families on the different types of senior living available and then help them narrow down their search to communities that match their need, amenities and budget. My service is always free to families. There is no need to try to figure this out alone – I’m here to help! 214-783-1222.

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